A personal note this week

While I normally write about the pork industry around the world in this blog, this week I once again want to take a moment to reflect on recent events in my life. Many of you have commented in the past that these occasional wanderings in my writing are appreciated. I in turn appreciate the fact that so many actually stop and read my weekly rambling.

This past week we buried my mother-in-law in Iowa. She was 87 and finally lost the battle with congestive heart failure. Up until this year, she crop-shared the farm with my wife’s brother and had never seen so much cash income from crop sales as she received this past year. While agriculture changed rapidly around her, she responded to the changes with an excitement that we were able to continue to meet the world’s needs for food and fiber. Technology didn’t scare her. While she didn’t understand much of the new technology, she appreciated what it meant for meeting the food and fiber needs of the world. Too bad we can’t transfer her attitude into more people in government and ‘anti change’ groups.

At the same time my mother-in-law was losing her battle, my wife began her battle with breast cancer. So far, it appears that she is winning this battle and I admire her every day as she undergoes chemotherapy to be followed by radiation. Many of you have already showered us with various expressions of concern and care and for that we are grateful.

Finally, the good news of our life. One year ago I wrote of our joy in finding a home for our daughter Elizabeth. She has blossomed in her new surroundings and is now transitioning from being a student to being fully employed in a sheltered work place.

As part of this transition, for the past 3 years she has been learning how to use a power wheel chair. Three weeks ago she went from being in a manual chair full time to full time use of the power chair, even in her home with narrow hallways, etc. To both my wife and I, to see Liz use her new found freedom of movement is a miracle beyond anything we ever expected to experience. If Liz can learn to drive a power chair, my wife and I are convinced that beating breast cancer is just a minor annoyance.

2 thoughts on “A personal note this week

  1. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter has found new freedom with her new power chair. I really wish your wife all the best. She seems to be a strong person she will pull through. My wife, just succesfully finished her battle with colon cancer and she’s in remission. All the best. Jean Gagnon

  2. Mike-sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. She sounds like she was a very sweet lady. I am happy to hear abuot your daughter as well. We have a niece with downs syndrome, Jenna. She puts a smile on our face every time we see her. Sorry to hear about your wife. Always remember that you and her are in a lot of peoples prayers. God Bless – take care. Doug Mears

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