2015 Pig Performance Summary

A few weeks ago MetaFarms (www.metafarms.com) shared with me the summary of pig performance for all batches that closed out in 2015. This record system now has summaries released from 2009 to 2015 so we have a somewhat look at the progress producers are making in pig performance.

Notice that I said somewhat look. Since 2009 Metafarms has added a number of production systems to their data base, thus a look a performance over time is biased by somewhat by new systems adding their data to the record system.

The producers who participate in the MetaFarms system tend to feed mash diets (often prepared and delivered by toll mills) and tend to use large amounts of DDGS as a feed ingredient due to their production locations relative to ethanol plants. In 2015, the average grow-finish diet contained 20.5% DDGS. This is similar to the 19.6% inclusion in 2013 and 19.2% inclusion in 2014. Of course while we know the rate of inclusion of DDGS, we know nothing about the oil content of the DDGS purchased by the producers so it is impossible to make any conclusions or comparisons between the years for the impact of the DDGS inclusion on performance.

For nursery groups closed out in 2015, ADG, F/G and mortality were 0.86 lb/d, 1.60 and 3.1% respectively. In and out weights have remained consistent since 2009 at 13 lb and 54 lb respectively.

For grow-finish closeouts, the out weights (all sales) have risen, both in response to the profits of 2014 and lower feed costs. The average out weight for 2009-2011 closeouts was 264.8 lb while it was 279.8 lb in 2015. Daily gain went from 1.75 lb/d to 1.87 lb/d in this period and feed conversion improved from 2.95 to 2.84. MetaFarms did not report feed cost per lb of gain in the 2009-2011 summary but in peaked in 2013 at $0.4371 and was $0.3019 in 2015.

In comparing nursery + finishing to wean-to-finish, MetaFarms noted that single stock wean-finish groups had lower total mortality and less feed per pig. Some of this may be due to wean-finish but it could also be that production systems that have options place healthier pigs at weaning in wean-finish facilities and flows with health challenges in nurseries.

Overall wean-finish performance for ADG, F/G and mortality for single-stocked groups of pigs were 1.60 lb/d, 2.60 and 5.65%

Mortality for nurseries, grow-finish and wean-finish declined compared to 2013-2014 closeouts and reflect the improvements in biosecurity and management in the event of an outbreak that have resulted in a decrease in PEDv in the US pig population.

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