My First Blog

Blogging is a new experience for me, but in many ways it is similar to what I often did in Extension meetings in Nebraska. For many years, one of the most popular sessions I led was an annual meeting with the Knox County Pork Producers that they called ‘Brumm Speaks Out’. This meeting was a free-wheeling discussion of a variety of topics that impacted pork producers in Knox County. Topics included public policy, new technology, disease, finance, management and anything else on the producers minds. After 20+ years of working with the producers, I had been on many of their farms and was familiar with many of their concerns.

With this blog, I hope to carry on a conversation with producers about a variety of topics related to their success. My hope is that as a result of participation in this blog, readers (and those that post a reply) are better able to navigate the many decisions that keep pork production a valuable partner in the economic prosperity of rural America

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