A huge hole in my heart

In my many years of writing this blog I’ve only written about my personal life a few times. Today I write with a heavy heart about the loss of my wife Janet of 34 years. Jan passed away early Sunday morning after a 4.5 year battle with breast cancer.

Because of her tremendous support I have been able to interact and help so many of you in a variety of ways. She grew up on a dairy farm and swore she would never marry a farmer. Instead she chose me.

I’m the one who would come home from farm visits and wash Tingley boots and smelly clothes in the washing machine just before she did a load of towels – and forget to tell her what I had done.

She’s the one who tolerated the many detours in our travels as I drove past yet another production site with another story about the industry. She’s the one who kept the home fires burning as I traveled far and wide working with all of you in this industry.

Her laughter, smiles and most of all love are already greatly missed.

3 thoughts on “A huge hole in my heart

  1. Mike,
    From all of your AASV friends, I offer my condolences. I am thankful to have known her as the dedicated wife and mother that she was. Along with you she carried the extra burden of caring for a handicapped child. On Friday as I observed Elizabeth living and thriving to her potential along with the rest of your family, It was evident how much of herself she had given. I am sure she will keep those home fires burning and will continue to draw your family together with fond memories.
    Ron Brodersen DVM

  2. I’m very sorry to learn this news Mike. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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