Monthly checklists

I’m often asked for checklists that can help employees and barn owners keep up on the little things that make a ventilation system successful in meeting the moisture and heat removal goals that the system was designed for. I ran across the following in my files today as an example of what a monthly list might contain. I’m sure each of you can add to this list to personalize it to your facilities.

Every month
Verification that alarm system is operational
Rodent control bait boxes checked/filled with fresh rodenticide
Override thermostat settings verified versus controller set point
Autostart generator and transfer switch operation verified and logged

Idle pit fan shutters closed and not leaking
Inlets adjusted for 15’ ‘bald forehead’ incoming air velocity

PowerDrop curtain drop verified and logged
Winter covers removed from fans
Curtain ropes/cables in good repair
Rodent barrier in place (1.5-2” rock at least 2 ft around perimeter) and free of debris
Summer misters checked, solenoids turned on and controller settings verified
Tunnel fans serviced (greased and tight belts)
PowerDrop curtain drop verified and logged
Attic checked for structural damage from winter storms and insulation movement/wetting
Rodent barrier maintained free of weeds and debris
Feed bins allowed to run empty and cleaned
Curtains closed at least 1x/week to keep mice damage minimal
PowerDrop curtain drop verified and logged
Pit fans cleaned
Soffit screening cleaned
Pit pumping protocols (safety and biosecurity) reviewed with employees
All furnaces functioning and variable valve set to low setting
Propane system high-pressure tested for leaks/safety
Summer cooling water lines turned off
Curtain holes patched/curtain end pockets repaired/Curtain overlap 3” above top of opening
PowerDrop curtain drop verified and logged
Pit lids correctly installed and leaks sealed after pit pumping
Summer fans insulated/covered
Correct minimum ventilation settings verified, including motor curve selections for variable speed fans

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