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After a 27 year career at the University of Nebraska as an Extension Swine Specialist and Professor of Animal Science, Mike opened Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc in North Mankato, MN in September of 2006. While in Nebraska, Mike was involved with producers of all sizes and types of production systems. He was also active as an advisor to the Nebraska Pork Producers Association and often served as a contact person for members of the Nebraska Unicameral and various state agencies as they formulated laws and regulations impacting the Nebraska industry.

Mike has travelled extensively in recent years in many foreign countries and in all of the major hog producing states. He currently is science director for 2 2400-head wean-finish private research units, consults with host of wean-finish production systems and is a popular speaker for producer meetings on topics dealing with wean-finish housing systems and industry issues.

5 thoughts on “About Mike Brumm

  1. I really enjoy reading your columes. I’ve worked for Hytek Ltd here in Manitoba Canada for 17 years and for the past 2 years I’m in charge of the ventilation in all their facilities. I haven’t got a chance to see you live at a seminar but would really like to hear your talk about” barns don’t come with an owners manual”. Is there any way that I could get that on video or paper. Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. This talk is archived on the Minnesota Pork Producers web site (www.mnpork.com). Look under old Pork Congress presentations for either 2007 or 2008.

  3. Mike, I am looking for a list of hog farms….10,000 plus head.
    can you help me or lead me to the right people. I would want to contact these farms.
    thanks for your help

  4. Mike,
    I have a question. My 2 min. vent pit fans are located on my pump outs. (2400 hd tunnel) I also have 2 stage 2 24 inch fans in my wall. I am thinking about moving the min fans off the pump outs and adding transitions. (I don’t feel like I get a good seal on pump outs) My debate is whether to dig out below slat level to cut holes or to add them just above slat level with gating over the cutout. Would you be willing to give your input?

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